Monday, February 9, 2009

Since I no longer have babies...

Here are some pics of my youngest coming out of babyhood/toddlerhood, and into boyhood.  I was thinking when Wyatt turned three a few weeks ago that I really don't have a baby anymore.  Eric and I aren't really planning on having any more kids of our own.  We like our two and the freedom that comes along with not having a baby now.  We are seriously considering adoption in the future, of maybe a sibling group that needs a forever home.  I have wanted to adopt for quite some time, and I have been more passionate about it since college.  We will see what the future holds.  I do often have these yearnings to have a baby when I am around one...but I also care for a young babe, and although he is sweet to the gills and I really love the little guy, I have to say he helps me remember the difficulties of babyhood.  

That being said I mourn the loss of doing something that you get to do when you have a child; name it.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thinking of baby names.  I like to read baby name books, I love to hear what people have chosen, I even look forward to the day when we get a dog or a cat so I can help name the creature.  What is that?  Why do we think those things?  Who knows, maybe I am the only one. And really, what a lousy thing to mourn.  I should be mourning many other more sentimental things, but I don't.  I am sad to never nurse a baby again, and I am sad to not ever name one again.  Weird.  So I decided I would like to re-enter the world of blogging with a list of names I would like to name my child in dream world.  I have lots to choose from, and you can borrow them if you like, I would be so proud to contribute.  I am sure you agree from the pure beauty of the names I should have another...but I think it is a little selfish to have a child just to name it.

  • Charlotte Katherine(after Eric's g-ma)
  • Delaney Lavonne(after my g-ma, and Delaney is an Irish surname like Matigan)
  • Lily Kait
  • Sawyer James
  • Amos Emanuel(my maiden name with a "son" attached
That is all for now.  If I think of any others that I really love I will share later.  I really do always hope to keep up on this better, but I seem to find other things to do.