Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Way over due...but here's the potty party results.

This is precisely why I never wanted to start a blog. People expect you to keep it up! I am not so good at that. I was looking back at pictures and I did not even know where to begin to keep up my blog.

My baby, my son...just became a big boy. We went through the "How to Potty Train Your Child in One Day" book by Terri Crane. It worked great for my daughter, so we thought why fix something that is not broken. My very, VERY wonderful husband had the guts to go through the first day home alone with Wyatt as they were of the same gender. You know I just can't fake those parts. So they stayed home and taught the doll how to go in the toilet in the morning and then Wyatt worked on it himself in the afternoon. It really went well, and although there was some confusion on his part the first couple of days he is going in the toilet(or bushes if we are outside, boys are so lucky) like a champ. He particularly enjoyed peeing off the dock at my grandparent's cabin this last weekend.

So here are some pictures for you. It is hard to know that my son is not really a baby anymore!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Way to go Wyatt! I just spent 23 dollars on diapers today and it was a good deal :) If I were you I'd buy myself 23 dollars worth of Starbucks in the next month :)
Peeing off the dock. . now that's funny. . .I hope Eric didn't join him!
No need to stress about blogging Nikki! I love you new posts or no new posts!