Monday, August 4, 2008

Cheering for Daddy

Eric has been training for his second marathon and we like to be his very best fans. Although it is hard some mornings when he goes for 2 hour runs, because I would love to sleep in!!! We still get excited for him and support him the best way we know how, because he sure supports each of us in some major ways!! So here are some pictures to share from that event. We cheered him on, tried out their craft fair(lame), and then went through Dairy Queen on the way home. As you can see, it was a slight disaster, but instead of grumbling we all laughed hard and took some pictures.

Even though I took no pictures I thought I would tell you another funny thing that happened yesterday. I sat down at a full length mirror to quickly do my make-up before church. I left it there when we ran out the door in a hurry. When we came home the kids took to playing very nicely, Mattie with her doll house and Wyatt back in their room. When they do that, you never want to interrupt because then they will forget that they were playing nice without you. But I sort of got the sense that maybe Wyatt was too quiet and so Eric walked down the hallway and busted the little man. There he was in front of the mirror, with mascara smeared all over his eyes, cheeks, hands...There was also a significant amount of bronzer everywhere. I think there may have been a little lip gloss as well. It was one of those situations where Eric was trying to be firm, but we both had to race into the family room to avoid laughing out loud right on front of Wyatt. He looked hilarious and I am pretty sure he said something along the lines of getting pretty for church, which is what I am sure I told him before we left. It was a hoot, it made me love my kids so much!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

Congratulations Eric and that is too funny about the makeup :)