Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here I am again with so much time in between posts.  I have been harassed so I am going to post again and try this one more time...

Even though it may not seem important to everyone, a lot has been going on in my house.  My husband has taken the GRE and "we" are applying to schools so Eric can complete his doctorate.  We are shooting for the stars and he is applying to some pretty prestigious schools to try and guarantee a good teaching position when he is done.  As of right now we are applying to Marquette, Vanderbilt(first choice), Yale and Boston U.  It is hard to believe that my sweet husband is within the reach of those schools, but by their requirements he really is.  I am not sure what to pray for in this area, as I feel like my prayers are selfish.  I am just trying to trust that like every other time we have moved, I will bloom where I am planted.  I am proud of the nightly studying my husband has completed, he is so diligent!!

The kids have been growing lie weeds it seems.  Mattie just turned four and I can't believe she is that old.  I remember looking at other children who were four and not having any concept of what she would be like at that age.  Mattie continues to be full of drama, and especially loves Barbie's.  She wants to choose her clothes everyday for everything and I hate to tell you that I am a party pooper in this area.  I am probably stifling her creativity.  I let her choose if we are going to be around the house, but otherwise I have to butt in.  She especially wants to wear a leopard skirt and a tie-dye t-shirt.  Together.  In November.  In Minnesota.  Or maybe it is the shirt with the hello kitty on it that is really supposed to be pajamas.  Summer pajamas.  So I guess you can call me a stinker in that area.  

I am told over and over again that Wyatt is a real "boy".  Maybe it is the name that we gave him?  He wants to wrestle, loves to ask questions over and over and to great length,  likes tractors and trucks and machinery.  What most people don't see that I get to see is that every once in a while he does like to do what his sister does and he will come out with a dress on.  He is a little sweetheart, and never fails to make me feel good about myself.  He has been known to tell me I am the best, that I smell good, that I look like I should go out on a date, etc.  He is a guy's guy, but he is just so sweet.

I am leading a Bible Study here at the Seminary.  We are studying Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself.  It is the third time I have done the study, and because the content is so heavy, I feel like it could almost be my first time too.  I have LOVED this study, and the group of ladies that come are simply lovely.  One of the gleaming, shiny new things laid out on my heart is from this study.   After all the trials that Job goes through, he is talking about God's judgement...and he says in Job 23...that basically no matter where Job looks he cannot see God.  Not in all the hardship, but that he takes comfort because even when he cannot see God, God can see him.  And that after all that testing he will come forth as gold.   I took some liberties to paraphrase here, but the meaning is the same.  That simple idea that I have maybe known in the back of my heart and mind is so clear to me these days.  I am not sure if that is because of where I came from or where I am going.  Either way he knows where I am.  He knows where you are too.

So there is the update and maybe from here on out I can try to keep up on this silly space.

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